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Welcome to MoneySKILL®! In this program, you will have an opportunity to get the basics of money-management by looking at income, expenses, saving and investing, credit, and insurance. The high school/college course is offered as all or part of a course in economics, math, social studies, or wherever personal finances are taught. You can access the modules in the classroom, at home, or on your mobile device via the Internet. Built-in quizzes will test your grasp of each concept. The high school/college version is adaptable for use by home schoolers and/or employers. A middle school version is also available.

Course Content:

  • Pre-test (37 questions randomly selected)

    • Income Modules:
      1. The Plans We Have for Our Lives
      2. Lifetime Plan
      3. Earned Income and Skill Demand
      4. Earned Income and Skill Supply
      5. Property Income
      6. Unearned Income from Financial Assets and Transfer Payments
      7. The Consumer Life Cycle
      8. Income Over the Life Cycle
      9. Federal Income Taxes
      10. Other Deductions from Pay
    • Expense Modules:
      1. Tracking Expenses and Budgeting
      2. Paying for What We Buy
      3. Using a Checking Account
      4. Renting a Home
      5. Owning a Home
      6. Food and Clothing
      7. Preparing to Acquire a Vehicle
      8. Vehicle Financing
      9. Operating a Vehicle
      10. Vacation and Leisure
    • Saving and Investing Modules:
      1. Investing in Physical Assets
      2. Savings
      3. Short-Term Saving Vehicles
      4. Long-term, Fixed Income Assets
      5. Equities
      6. Investment Funds
      7. Investing in Business
    • Credit Modules:
      1. Costs and Benefits of Borrowing
      2. Secured Borrowing
      3. Credit Cards and Other Unsecured Borrowing
      4. Your Credit Rating
      5. Student Loans
      6. Identity Theft
    • Insurance Modules:
      1. Understanding Insurance
      2. Life, Wills and Disability Insurance
      3. Health Insurance
      4. Retirement

  • Post-Test (37 questions randomly selected)