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AFSAEF's mission is to help consumers realize the benefits of responsible money management, understand the credit process, and seek help if credit problems occur.

MoneySKILL® takes your privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes what personal information we collect and how we use it.

Routine Information Collection
Non-specific information concerning your visit to this site may be collected for analysis and statistical purposes concerning the use of this site. This type of information is non-personal in nature. We may also collect any or all of the information that you give us depending on the type of transaction you enter into, including your name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address, together with data about your use of the website. Other information that may be needed from time to time to process a request may also be collected as indicated on the website.

Web Browser Cookies
Where necessary, MoneySKILL® uses cookies to store information about a visitor's preferences and history in order to better serve the visitor and/or present the visitor with customized content. This is done for the sole purpose of controlling your access and remembering user preferences on the MoneySKILL® site. In no way are they used to track any behavior outside of the MoneySKILL® web site.

Information Use
We use the information collected primarily to process the task for which you visited the website. Data collected in the United States is held in accordance applicable laws and stored securely. All reasonable precautions are taken to prevent unauthorised access to this information.

Privacy in the Teacher Administration Area
At MoneySKILL®, one of our top priorities is making sure that the information in your Teacher Administration System is protected and secure. At no time will we sell, distribute, or share the personal information that you may choose to enter into any of our systems.

Changes to this Policy
Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be placed here and will supersede this version of our Policy. We will take reasonable steps to draw your attention to any changes in our Policy. However, to be on the safe side, we suggest that you read this document each time you use the website to ensure that it still meets with your approval.

Contacting Us
If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, or if you want to know what information we have collected about you, please email us at info@moneyskill.org. You can also correct any factual errors in that information or require us to remove your details form any list under our control.

We value our relationship with you and work hard to preserve your organization's privacy. .

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